West Coventry Academy is to be rebuilt entirely

February 09, 2021 - 103 views

A Coventry secondary school is set to be entirely rebuilt, with a brand new swimming pool and facilities ‘fit for the 21st Century’.

West Coventry Academy is one of a raft of schools across the country to get Department for Education funding for the scheme, which is expected to begin in the autumn term.

Headteacher Ana Neofitou welcomed the news.

She said: “I’m delighted for the schools and the school community that we have been selected for this rebuild project.

“We have been working with the DfE for some time to get to the point we are at now.”

A total of 50 schools have so far been confirmed to receive the funding, and a spokesman for the department said these schools have been prioritised either because they have buildings of specific construction types that require replacement, or because their buildings have the highest condition need.

With the funding only very recently having been unveiled, details are still being confirmed, but Mrs Neofitou said the school would be completely rebuilt.

“We are still at a point where things are being finalised,” she added. “We will have first rate facilities, first rate sporting facilities including a brand new swimming pool.”

The pool will be open to the community outside of school hours, as the current pool is.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “We are launching the first phase of our ambitious new schools programme, with 50 rebuilds and 21 new free schools.

“The rebuilding projects are just the start of our major ten-year programme, transforming hundreds of schools and improving the education of tens of thousands of children. Alongside this, over 15,500 children will now benefit from 21 new free schools across the country as we look to build back better after the pandemic.

“I am determined to get all children back into education as soon as possible, and will make sure we do not let the pandemic stand in the way of giving every young person the opportunity to succeed, progress and fulfil their potential.”


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